Adding a water butt

Water buttIt’s probably just under 100m to walk to our nearest mains filled water butt on our allotment site. When you have to water quite a few things on your plot, that’s a long way to keep walking, and carrying buckets of water.

On one of the jobs my Dad was working on, there was a water butt that the owners didn’t want anymore, and they kindly said my brother and me could have it for our plot. Dad also had some slabs and bricks from a job that were spare that we could have to.

We carted the whole lot to our plot and I placed the bricks and slabs in one corner of our plot so that the water butt would be off of the ground enough for us to fit a watering can/bucket underneath the tap to fill it. I used a bucket of water to check if it was level, then placed it on top. I then tasked my brother to fill it from the mains filled water butt.

I’ve ordered a hand siphon pump that we can hook up to some spare hosepipe to make filling it easier in future.

Was a little worried about wildlife maybe falling into the water butt and not being able to get out, so we brought a bit of spare garden trellis we had in our garden and put that on top of it and weighed it down with some bricks. Job done.

Keeping the bees happy

My cousin, Holly, who also has an allotment suggested that I plant some lavender on our plot to keep the bees happy – pollination! Nan had a spare bush in her garden that she said we could have, so we dug that up and planted it about half way down our plot near the path, so when people walk past they should get a lovely smell of it.